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 Payment *

Q: What payment options do you offer?
A: Currently our shop only accepts payments via Paypal, but did you know that you don't need a PayPal account in order to pay your order? You just need to provide your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) info and the payment will go through Paypal, even if you don't want to register. For other options, like bank transfer, you will need to contact us so that we can provide all the info as well. 

* Shipping *

Q: Where are you located?
A: Hello Twiggs Prints Shop is located in Lisbon and all prints are shipped from here, but don't you worry, we've been shipping prints to all over the world since 2009 and we're always ready for a new destination!


Q: How many days does it take to a print to be ready to ship?
A: Excellent question! Depending on its size (larger prints can take a bit more) prints are ready to be shipped in a week. Please excuse our schedules around the shop, but we're being busy bees all year long!


Q: How are the prints packaged?
A: All prints up to 8x12" are packaged in a clear sleeve with chipboard, in a sturdy, flat cardboard mailer. Larger prints are rolled and shipped in a tube.


Q: Do you ship prints every day or do you have a specific timing for that?
A: There is a specific timing yes, all orders are shipped once a week.

Q: How many days does it take for orders to arrive to other countries?
A: Well, it depends on where you're at, but usually it takes around 3 business days to Europe, and a week and a half to the rest of the world. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for possible delays, due to holiday season or Customs. If you are in a hurry and need something faster than these timings, it's always a good idea to email first. 


Q: Do you offer any tracking number?
A: Hello Twiggs Print Shop ships all the orders through Portuguese Postal Office (CTT), and we'll always use the fastest and affordable service possible. This means that there is a tracking number, but might not give you a detailed location.


* Returns *

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: We are not able to accept returns or exchanges at this time. If your print is returned due to an incorrect shipping address, or because you didn't pick it up at your Post Office, additional shipping fees will apply. Please contact us if you receive a print that has been damaged in transit, as occasional exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.


Q: What if I want to cancel my order? 
A: Well, those are not great news (why would you want to do that, right?), but we get that sometimes mistakes happen. However please make sure you email us cancelling your order up to two hours after your order has been made. After those two hours, your prints are probably in the making already. 


* Other Options *

Q: Do you offer any other sizes that aren’t listed in the shop?
A: Yes, sure! At this point, the sizes listed go from 5x7" to 11x14", but depending on the print, it's possible to print at a much larger scale. So if you need something different, just contact us and we'll provide all the information needed. Shipping fees might differ from what is currently available. 


Q: Do the print images in your shop accurately display what the print will look like in person?
A: Colors can look different depending on what monitor or brightness level you have. We do our best to show what the images will look in person, but please know that they can vary slightly. For the 8x10 and 11x14 sizes, you’ll notice that they will be cropped slightly compared to the larger sizes which have no cropping. All of the images in the shop are full bleeds. Please contact us for any doubts on this subject. 


Q: Do you offer framing?
A: No, currently we cannot offer framing services, due to where we are located and where we usually ship our prints to. It would mean much higher costs, and we believe that currently there are so many framing options available and closer to you, that there is no need.


Q: I follow your blog and Instagram and I'm wondering if I love something that is not currently listed, would you be able to make it available as a print?
A: Yes, sure! Well, as long as it's not images from photo shoots and clients, you can request other images to be sold as prints. Feel free to e-mail us with the image and size you're interested in and we'll do our best to accommodate your request!


Q: Do you sell Vouchers?
A: Yes, sure! If you want to surprise someone and offer that persona  credit for this shop, just email us and we'll accommodate your request! Vouchers can be used up to 6 months after they have been issued. 


* Discounts *

Q: Do you offer discounts if I decide to purchase several prints at the same time?
A: Yes, we do. We'll be adding a few discounts for several prints of the same size, but if you know you'll be ordering several prints (even if of different sizes), please let us know first and we'll try to do our best!


Q: Do you offer discounts for returning customers?
A: Yes, we do. There is always a discount for Free Shipping after your first sale. That discount will be available for the current year of your first order only. 


Q: Do you offer other discounts?
A: There might be occasional discounts running on the shop, but please take in consideration that you cannot add several coupon codes at the same time.